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Room 1 - ink brush
Room 2 - body & face
Room 3 - mostly faces
Room 4 - lines & color
Room 5 - cathedrals
Room 6 - war
Room 7 - drawings
Room 8 - oil
Room 9 - Krumau
Room 10 - here & there
Room 11 - G. Benn
Room 12 - sketches
Room 13 - fresh
Room 14 - winterkinderzeit
Room 15 - Fotos
Room 16 - Herzfluss
Room 17 - now
Room 18 - Linz 1
Room 19 - Linz 2
Room 20 - dark
Room 21 - echoes
Room 22 - Burma
Room 23 - Variationen
Room 24 - Live
Room 25 - Zaragoza
Room 26 - present
Room 27 - her face
Room 28 - Linz 3
Room 29 - the flood
Room 30 - wishes
Room 31 - OrchestralArt
Room 32 - DIW
Room 33 - 2017
Room 34 - Herr Leopold
Room 35 - Diverse Bilder
English Rooms
English rooms

Here you find the translations for the gallery rooms. For layout reasons I do not want to put that much text on the single webpages. Which means, that you have to click a little bit more and go forth and back for the english text without pictures. For the time being this is the solution i can offer you.

Room 1 - Ink Brush

A selection from the “Calligraphic Scenes” series. A sequence of very reduced and quickly painted, icon-like scenes. The complete series consists of 70 pieces on cardboard. The panels are 22 x 25 cm in size. I used emulsion paint and black ink.

Room 2 - Body & Face

Here you can mainly see black ink drawings on paper. All works in this room have an original size of 70 x 100 cm.

Room 3 - Mostly Faces

Different pictures in various techniques. Expressive portraits make up the main focus here. Two works in this room are illustrations and reactions to texts from Goethe’s Faust I, which I have been re-reading for many years. And always discover something new in it. Literature of unique quality and depth.

Room 4 - Lines & Color

A selection of different works on paper. From ink brush drawings with reduced lines to colorful mixed media techniques.

Room 5 - Cathedrals

Gothic cathedrals have fascinated me for many years. Especially Chartres and Strasbourg are among my favorites. In the works on this page I have condensed and reduced the determining visual elements of these constructions – into my “Imaginary Cathedrals”.

Room 6 - War

Several sheets in mixed media and calligraphic pen. The 3 works thematically dealing with war arose under the impression of the brutally repressed protests in Burma in 1988 and the terrible war in Romania in 1989.

Room 7 - Drawings

Drawings with colored pens, with calligraphic pen, oil pastels and in mixed media. All of them are in smaller formats. Inspired by readings, visual impressions, music, Sven Regener’s lyrics from the beloved Element of Crime songs, films and boredom.

Room 8 - Oil

A selection of oil paintings on cardboard. For me, an especially interesting painting ground in all respects.

Room 9 - Blacklight Painting Action in Český Krumlov

Saturday, June 6, 2007, 12 Midnight
In the framework of the “Sunnseitn” event “Ghost Town 2007,” a common painting performance with my friend and artist colleague Franz Durst. With fluorescent colors we painted a 3x2-meter-large canvas. From behind it was lit with blacklight and from the front it was accompanied by saxophone and cello. Live… at the ghost hour. Because “Ghost Town” was the motto of the two-day art journey from Linz to Český Krumlov. The photos were taken by my friend Werner Puntigam.

Room 10 - Here & There

Landscape formats. From here and there. Linz industrial silhouettes, people… In black ink and acrylic on different types of paper.

Room 11 - G. Benn

Just one picture. An illustration of an exchange of letters between Gottfried Benn and F.W. Oelze. The very personal letters of Benn allow an insight into his thinking, creating and daily life in Berlin in the post-war years. I have visually commented on these letters in one picture. Painted and drawn with black ink, wax crayons, ink and watercolors on continuous computer paper. In an unusual format: 3000 x 24 cm. Or expressed in other words: 30 meters long and 24 cm high. Because of the format, I can only introduce several sections of the complete work. (Price information upon personal request).

Room 12 - Sketches

For years I have had my sketchbook with me. Almost always and everywhere. Personally I am especially interested in these quick, little drawings and drafts artists make. If it is the same with you, you are welcome to go snooping into my sketchbooks.

Room 13 - Fresh

Several fresh works. Fresh in the sense of current. With known and partially new materials and motifs. Parts of new series… A drawing was made with a marker and some red wine. There you can see what tannins are good for. I painted the colorful portrait formats in mixed media, for the most part with acrylic and black ink on very smooth and glossy proof paper. And “The Rheingau Chicken”, on which really no animal is to be seen, was created with colored pencils, black ink and a ballpoint pen.

Room 14 - Winterkinderzeit

A book, a story from Sam Auinger and Werner Pfeffer, a preface from H.C. Artmann and illustrations from me. I developed the pictures according to the text. A soundtrack was also created for this book – a multipart affair to read, see and hear. In this room you can gain an impression of the illustrations. All of them are rather small, because they were only created for this purpose and enlargements and/or reductions are not my thing at all. Particularly with drawings made with black ink and dip pen, the line thickness and the structure of hatches are a very suspenseful element that should also be taken into consideration with copies and reproductions in the original size. I am currently introducing the illustrations here. Copies of whole pages are to follow, as the drawings were designed for the text and layout

Room 15 - Photos (Snapshots)

To make one thing clear right from the beginning: I am not a photographer. I take snapshots. The camera does the job technically correct - i simply choose the motif or the picture detail.
In this room you find a selection of things i liked. Textures, stuff, colorful impression, typography... selected worldwide.

Room 16 - Cloud of Sound (Heartriver)

Drawings and illustrations for the annual Linz cloud of sounds in 2008. Open air right beside the Danube for an audience of 90.000.

Room 17 - now

Some recent works. As time passes much faster in the web than in real life, i state that recent meant january 2010. All paintings are in mixed media (acrylic, chinese ink, crayons, chalks) on canvas and they were exhibited for a few weeks at the gallery Fröhlich in linz from february 2nd 2010.

Room 18 and 19

My recent serial „Linz 4020 - 40 Paintings - 20 Motifs". 20 pairs of paintings showing places of the city of Linz in Austria. Each pair depicts the same motif in 2 different techniques. The first painting is acrylic on canvas, the second one black ink and acrylic on cardboard.

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